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by Underground Opera

Opera in the Cathedral - Operarté

Friday, October 28th, 2022

The Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle is set to fill with Art and Opera on the last weekend in October, 2022. Join us on Friday the 28th for an incredible art and opera experience.


The Christ Church Cathedral - Church St, Newcastle, NSW
7:30pm Friday, October 28th, 2022
Adults $95.00, Concession $85.00, Child $60.00

If you have ever wondered what opera was like, now is your chance to savour the experience. Morpeth Gallery, along with the Underground Opera Company, is presenting celebrated arias from famous operas, sung by some of Australia’s best opera singers. The performance is enhanced with vision of Gordon Hanley’s metal point art work coming to life and projected as a backdrop during the performance.

Operarte is a marriage of the genius of ARC Living Master Artist, Mr Gordon Hanley, and The Underground Opera Company that combines exceptional live performances with the visual spectacle of Gordon Hanley’s artworks.

These photo realistic metalpoint masterpieces are drawn with 24ct Gold. The exhibition will include gold gilded reproductions of artworks that Mr Hanley has created to best represent each individual piece in the evenings programme.

Time lapse photographs are taken and combined to create a visually moving masterpiece. These moving masterpieces will be projected on a screen behind the singers in Christ Church Cathedral to create a magical backdrop for each performance.

From Brisbane's Underground Opera House. The audio is straight off the camera.

Join us this October for an incredible opera experience. A concert of the finest performances, to fill Christ Church Cathedral. In true Underground Opera fashion, we will make you LAUGH, CRY and CHEER.

Our world class cast will bring the roof down with incredible arias, duets and ensemble pieces from Opera’s most memorable moments. It’s opera as you’ve never seen or heard it before. No fancy theatre space. Just booming voices pulsing around this spectacular building in the heart of Newcastle.

There is always a touch of Musical Theatre to break up the languages, so you can bring your friends along or organise a night out with friends, colleagues or clients in private sections of the Cathedral.

Artistic director Bruce Edwards noted that many audience members will be newcomers, to opera, who will enjoy the Underground Opera Company’s mix of famous arias, duets and musical theatre numbers.

Mr Edwards said he was proud to receive over 500 four and five star reviews (4.7/5) on the Underground Opera Company’s Ticketmaster page for past Opera performances in underground venues.

The company performs regularly in Brisbane’s Underground Opera House with events in mines, tunnels and caves around Australia. Breath taking spaces including The Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains and The Capricorn Caves near Rockhampton, as well as above ground, in Power stations, on Islands, in Castles and now The Christ Church Cathedral.

Underground Opera Company is one of Australia’s highest rated opera companies by audience review.

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